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NIH On-The-Spot Award given to Kristine Scannell

The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS), in the Office of Disease Prevention, Office of the Director, NIH would like to recognize Ms. Kristine Scannell for her significant contribution to the conference, The Role of Dietary Supplements for Physically Active People. This conference, held in June, 1996, was the first major activity initiated by the ODS. Ms. Scannell developed a Current Bibliography in Medicineexternal link disclaimer for this conference. The topic of dietary supplements is a broad one. Scientific articles are found in diverse journals. Coupling dietary supplements with the similarly diversely published scientific arenas of exercise physiology and physical performance resulted in an extremely difficult literature search. In addition, the MEDLINE database MESH subject headings do not match these scientific areas.

Ms. Scannell tackled this challenging task with cheerful determination and with careful persistence developed an outstanding product. The ODS continues to receive compliments on this bibliography. Through their correspondence, scientists who work in this interdisciplinary area have clearly indicated the value with which they hold this project. The ODS would like to recognize Ms Scannell for this bibliography, because it was through her care and approach that a bibliography in this NLM series has been recognized by the scientific community as a particularly excellent contribution to the field. As Director of the ODS, I also am aware that Ms Scannell and the entire NLM staff were experiencing a particularly heavy work load during the timer period that Ms. Scannell developed the bibliography. The fact that Ms. Scannell devoted such a significant effort to the ODS project when she was already assuming additional duties, further contributes to the effort we wish to acknowledge with this award for $1,000 Through the NIH on-the-spot award mechanism.