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NIH OFFICE OF DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS Strategic Plan 2017–2021 Strengthening Knowledge & Understanding of Dietary Supplements DECEMBER 2016 TABLE OF CONTENTS From the Director, Office of Dietary Supplements 1 I. Background 2 II. The 2017–2021 Strateg...
29 Dec 2016
Overview for health professionals of black cohosh for menopausal symptoms. Research supplement sources, health effects, safety, and interactions here
24 May 2022
Fall 2011 Staff Scientists Rebecca Costello and Marguerite Klein Table of Contents Retire News You Can Use Two of the Office of Dietary Supplements' senior scientists retired this New Funding Opportunities for summer. Working in adjacent offices,...
25 Oct 2011
Potassium overview for health professionals. Research health effects, dosing, sources, deficiency symptoms, side effects, and interactions here.
24 May 2022
Notice: Historical Content This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current data. ODS Update - October 2005 Office of Dietary Supplements Update Volume 3, Issue 2 October 2005 National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department o...
26 Nov 2005
ODS Update - Fall 2011 Fall 2011 Table of Contents News You Can Use New Funding Opportunities for Research ODS Staff News Recent ODS Staff Publications Recent ODS Staff Presentations Upcoming Events Read More at ODS Health Information News and Ev...
25 Sep 2015
FY2022 Referral Guidelines: The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) Research Scholars Program Table of Contents Purpose of Funding Opportunity Key Dates Requirements for Application Submission Expectations of Funded Scholars Minimum Criteria Refe...
24 May 2022
VDSP Statistics Manual Ramon VDSP Statistics Manual Durazo, PhD Lu Tian, PhD A Guide to the Standardization of 25(OH)D Data Measured in the Past Introduction The Measurement Model on Durazo, PhD Ram Estimation Lu Tian, PhD Sample Selection Statis...
24 Feb 2014
Estimating Costs Martin L. Brown, Ph.D Health Services and Economics Branch Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences National Cancer Institute Economic Analysis of Nutrition Interventions: Methods, Research and Policy Febr...
24 Jun 2010
Notice: Historical Content This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current data. Dietary Supplement Use in the Elderly Conference (January 14-15, 2003) Overview Dietary Supplement Use in the Elderly January 14-15, 2003 Over...
13 Feb 2004
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