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My Dietary Supplements (MyDS) App Support

Accessing MyDS

MyDS is not available in app stores — instead, use this link to access it: https://myds.nih.govexternal link disclaimer.

Scrolling Tips

MyDS is designed to work the same across all platforms and is particularly suited for touchscreen devices; so when you access the app from a non-touchscreen device, like a desktop or laptop computer using Chrome or Safari, use your mouse to scroll the page instead of your finger. Do this by clicking near the bottom of the page and dragging toward the top. You may also notice that the mouse cursor does not change when over a linked area; click the area anyway, and it will still work. If you continue to have difficulty, please complete and submit the form below.

For Further Assistance

Please contact us with your support questions by using the form below. This is the most efficient way for us to provide help.

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  • Please include all pertinent details within the contact message box.
  • We can respond only to email messages written in English.

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