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Probiotics provide health benefits.



Data do not support the use of dietary supplements for COVID-19.

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Beans are a source of zinc.

All Fact Sheets (A–Z)

Fact sheets on dietary supplements and their ingredients.

ODS Programs and Activities

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Health Information

Provides the latest scientific information on dietary supplements in fact sheets, videos, and other federal resources.

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Grants and Funding

ODS and NIH-funding grants, contracts, and other funding opportunities, and guidance for applicants.

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Stimulates the development of validated analytical methods and reference materials for dietary supplement ingredients.

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Population Studies

Evaluates dietary supplement use by the U.S. population and analyzes how supplements affect nutritional status.

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ODS co-funded dietary supplement research centers focused on botanical safety, efficacy and biological action.

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Trans-NIH Resilience Working Group

NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices with priorities related to, or funds dedicated to, resilience programs.



Search DSLD, DSID, CARDS, and other federal government databases related to dietary supplements.

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Information in Spanish

Supplement fact sheets and other resources for consumers.

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Education and Training

Programs to enhance the dietary supplement research workforce.

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