In meeting its mission to strengthen knowledge and understanding of dietary supplements, ODS conducts programs and activities that can be categorized into five broad areas:

  • Research and training
  • Population studies and nutrient interventions
  • Research resources
  • Collaborations with other federal agencies
  • Translating research findings

ODS’s key activities are grouped into the five categories. An ODS staff member oversees each program and most ODS staff members are active in more than one program. Each program interacts with one or more communities, including: research investigators; educators; health practitioners; research and educational institutions; federal agencies; dietary supplement, food, and related industries; media; consumer and public interest groups; and members of the public. For detailed information, see ODS programs and activities on the ODS website. See also ODS’s Strategic Plan 2017-2021 to learn more. 

ODS's FY2023 budget is $28.5 million. This budget largely supports research.

In FY2023, ODS provided $20.5 million in funding to research projects. The distribution of these funds by project type—grants, contracts, and interagency agreements—is shown in the first figure. The largest allocation was for research grant co-funds and administrative supplements of existing NIH grants. ODS does not award research grants directly but selectively co-funds meritorious peer-reviewed research relevant to dietary supplements with NIH Institutes and Centers.

The ODS Total Extramural Investment in FY 2023 with a portfolio total value of $20.5M was divided as follows: Extramural Grants, 53%; Interagency/Intra-agency Agreements, 30%; Research Contracts, 17%.

The Category Breakout of ODS Co-Funded Grants in FY2023 with a portfolio total value of $10.8M was divided as follows: Botantical Dietary Supplement Research Centers, 26%,  Botanicals, 11%; Fatty Acids, 8%; General Nutrition, 11%, Iron, 2%; Minerals, 4%; Other Supplements, 10%; Other Vitamins, 7%; Prebiotics/Probiotics, 2%; Proteins, 5%; Vitamin D, 5%, Vitamin E, 1%, Zinc, 6%, Amino acids, 8%.