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Stefan Pasiakos

Stefan M. Pasiakos, Ph.D.


Welcome to the ODS Director’s Page. I will use this page to highlight accomplishments of ODS and its staff and amplify key announcements from ODS programs. I also invite you to read the monthly ODS Update: Recent Developments in Dietary Supplement Science. If you would like to receive new ODS Director’s Messages, ODS Updates, and other information from our office, please subscribe to the ODS email list.


What's New

Advancing Research on Botanicals and Other Natural Products
April 2024

Americans spend about $60 billion a year on dietary supplements. Many of these products contain plant-based or “botanical” ingredients and other natural products. These supplements are challenging to study because they are inherently variable and chemically complex. more…

Past Director's Messages

  • March 2024 - The ODS Iodine Initiative: Accomplishments and Impact
    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the salt iodization program in the United States. ODS developed the Iodine Initiative in 2011 to support research relating to iodine nutrition, including population surveys, database development, laboratory analyses, and analytical methodology development. more…
  • February 2024 - ODS Update: A Newsletter About Recent Developments in Dietary Supplement Science
    I am excited to introduce a new monthly newsletter that will raise awareness of significant advances in the scientific field of dietary supplements. ODS Update: Recent Developments in Dietary Supplement Science will highlight publications that advance our understanding of the role dietary supplements may have in health optimization. more…
  • December 2023 - The Science Behind Dietary Supplement Databases
    The mission of the Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) is to advance and disseminate research on dietary supplements to foster knowledge and optimize health across the lifespan. One of the ways we achieve that mission is through the cultivation of the ODS Dietary Supplement Label Database (DSLD) and the Dietary Supplement Ingredient Database (DSID), led by Mr. Richard Bailen and Dr. Johanna Dwyer more…