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Collapse About ODSAbout ODS
2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report
Letter from the Acting Director
Collapse Mission, Origin, and MandateMission, Origin, and Mandate
DSHEA Wording
ODS 25th Anniversary
Collapse ODS Strategic Plan 2017-2021 & Annual ReportODS Strategic Plan 2017-2021 & Annual Report
Office of Dietary Supplements Strategic Plan Annual Report October 2016–December 2017
ODS Timeline
ODS Videos
Collapse Staff Bios and MoreStaff Bios and More
Abby G. Ershow
Adam Kuszak
Ann Jamison
Anne L. Thurn
Barbara C. Sorkin
Barbara E. Cohen
Carol J. Haggans
Cindy Davis
Cindy Rooney
Claudia D. Faigen
Director of Grants and Extramural Activities - Patricia A. Haggerty
Jaime Gahche
Johanna T. Dwyer
Joseph M. Betz
Joyce M. Merkel
Karen S. Regan
LaVerne L. Brown
Leila Saldanha
Michelle Gibson
Nancy Potischman
Paul Thomas
Rebecca Bortz Costello
Rich Bailen
Sanem Hosbas Coskun
Stephen A. Wise
Staff Presentations
Staff Publications
Strategic Plan
Collapse Strategic Plan 2010-2014Strategic Plan 2010-2014
Strategic Plan 2010-2014 Progress Report
Collapse Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning
Public Meeting 2005
Contact Us
Collapse Grants & FundingGrants & Funding
ODS Funding of Grants and Administrative Supplements: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Collapse ODS Research PortfolioODS Research Portfolio
Grant Abstract
Pre-Application Webinar on Administrative Supplements
Product Integrity Resources
Small Business Funding Mechanisms
Collapse Health InformationHealth Information
About My Dietary Supplements (MyDS)
Consumer Protection
Collapse Dietary Supplement Fact SheetsDietary Supplement Fact Sheets
Botanical Supplement Fact Sheets
Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Fact Sheets
5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan)
Activated charcoal
Aloe vera
Alzheimer's disease
Anabolic steroids
Apple cider vinegar
Bacopa monnieri
Bee pollen
Collapse BiotinBiotin
Biotin - Biotina en español
Biotin - Consumer
Biotin - Health Professional
Bitter melon
Bitter orange
Collapse Black cohoshBlack cohosh
Black Cohosh
Blessed thistle
Blue-green algae
Collapse BoronBoron
Boron - Boro en español
Boron - Consumer
Boron - Health Professional
Collapse Botanical Dietary SupplementsBotanical Dietary Supplements
Botanical Dietary Supplements - Background Information
Botanical Dietary Supplements - Suplementos dietéticos de origen botánico en español
Brain health
Collapse CalciumCalcium
Calcium - Calcio en español
Calcium - Consumer
Calcium - Health Professional
Cannabidiol (CBD)
Collapse CarnitineCarnitine
Cartilage (bovine and shark)
Cascara sagrada
Cat's claw
CBD (cannabidiol)
Chamomile (Roman)
Collapse CholineCholine
Choline – Colina en espanol
Choline - Consumer
Choline - Health Professional
Collapse ChromiumChromium
Chromium - Consumer
Chromium - Cromo en español
Chromium - Health Professionals
Cod liver oil
Coenzyme Q10
Colloidal silver
Collapse CopperCopper
Cobre - Copper en español
Copper - Consumer
Copper - Health Professional
Collapse COVID-19COVID-19
COVID-19 - Suplementos dietéticos en tiempos de la COVID-19
Dietary Supplements in the Time of COVID-19 - Consumer
Dietary Supplements in the Time of COVID-19 - Health Professional
Deer velvet
Devil's claw
Diatomaceous earth
Collapse Dietary Supplements Background InformationDietary Supplements Background Information
Dietary Supplements: Background Information
Collapse Dietary Supplements What You Need to KnowDietary Supplements What You Need to Know
Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know
Suplementos dieteticos: lo que debe saber
Dong quai
Energy drinks
Collapse EphedraEphedra
Summary of Evidence-Based Ephedra Review
Evening primrose oil
Collapse Exercise and Athletic PerformanceExercise and Athletic Performance
Dietary Supplements for Exercise and Athletic Performance - Consumer
Dietary Supplements for Exercise and Athletic Performance - Health Professional
Exercise and Athletic Performance - Suplementos Dietéticos para Mejorar el Ejercicio y el Rendimiento Físico
Eye conditions
Collapse FluorideFluoride
Fluoride - Consumer
Fluoride - Fluoruro en español
Fluoride - Health Professional
Collapse FolateFolate
Folate - Consumer
Folate - Folato en español
Folate - Health Professional
Garcinia cambogia
Grape seed extract
Green coffee beans
Green tea
Herbal Dietary Supplements
Horny goat weed
Horse chestnut
Huperzine A
Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)
Collapse IodineIodine
Iodine - Consumer
Iodine - Health Professional
Iodine - Yodo en español
Collapse IronIron
Iron - Consumer
Iron - Health Professional
Iron - Hierro en español
Licorice root
Collapse MagnesiumMagnesium
Magnesium - Consumer
Magnesium - Health Professional
Magnesium - Magnesio en español
Collapse ManganeseManganese
Manganese - Consumer
Manganese - Health Professional
Manganese - Manganeso en español
Maritime pine
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
Milk thistle
Collapse MolybdenumMolybdenum
Molybdenum - Consumer
Molybdenum - Health Professional
Molybdenum - Molibdeno en español
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
Collapse Multivitamin/mineral SupplementsMultivitamin/mineral Supplements
Multivitamin/mineral Supplements - Consumer
Multivitamin/mineral Supplements - Health Professional
Multivitamin/mineral Supplements - Suplementos multivitamínicos/minerales en español
Collapse NiacinNiacin
Niacin - Consumer
Niacin - Health Professional
Niacin - Niacina en español
Nitric oxide
Collapse Omega-3 fatty acidsOmega-3 fatty acids
Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Ácidos grasos Omega-3 en Espanol
Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Consumer
Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Health Professional
Omega-6 fatty acids
Omega-7 fatty acids
Collapse Pantothenic acidPantothenic acid
Ácido pantoténico - Pantothenic acid en español
Pantothenic Acid - Consumer
Pantothenic Acid - Health Professional
Pau d'arco
Peppermint oil
Collapse PhosphorusPhosphorus
Phosphorus - Consumer
Phosphorus - Fósforo en español
Phosphorus - Health Professional
Collapse PotassiumPotassium
Potassium - Consumer
Potassium - Health Professional
Potassium - Potasio en español
Collapse Primary Mitochondrial DisordersPrimary Mitochondrial Disorders
Dietary Supplements for Primary Mitochondrial Disorders
Collapse ProbioticsProbiotics
Probióticos - Probiotics en español
Probiotics - Consumer
Probiotics - Health Professional
Psyllium (blond)
Raspberry ketones
Red clover
Reishi mushroom
Rheumatoid arthritis
Collapse RiboflavinRiboflavin
Riboflavin - Consumer
Riboflavin - Health Professional
Riboflavina - en español
Rose hip
S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAMe)
Saccharomyces boulardii
SAMe (S-adenosyl-L-methionine)
Saw palmetto
Collapse SeleniumSelenium
Selenium - Consumer
Selenium - Health Professional
Selenium - Selenio en español
Shark cartilage
Slippery elm
St. John's wort
Collapse ThiaminThiamin
Thiamin - Consumer
Thiamin - Health Professional
Thiamin - Tiamina en español
Thunder god vine
Collapse ValerianValerian
Collapse Vitamin AVitamin A
Vitamin A - Consumer
Vitamin A - Health Professional
Vitamin A - Vitamina A en español
Collapse Vitamin B12Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 - Consumer
Vitamin B12 - Health Professional
Vitamin B12 - Vitamina B12 en español
Collapse Vitamin B6Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 - Consumer
Vitamin B6 - Health Professional
Vitamin B6 - Vitamina B6 en español
Collapse Vitamin CVitamin C
Vitamin C - Consumer
Vitamin C - Health Professional
Vitamin C - Vitamina C en español
Collapse Vitamin DVitamin D
Vitamin D - Consumer
Vitamin D - Health Professional
Vitamin D - Vitamina D en español
Collapse Vitamin EVitamin E
Vitamin E - Consumer
Vitamin E - Health Professional
Vitamin E - Vitamina E en español
Collapse Vitamin KVitamin K
Vitamin K - Consumer
Vitamin K - Health Professional
Vitamin K - Vitamina K en español
Collapse Weight LossWeight Loss
Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss - Consumer
Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss - Health Professional
Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss - Suplementos dietéticos para adelgazar en español
Whey protein
Wild yam
Willow bark
Yerba mate
Collapse ZincZinc
Zinc - Consumer
Zinc - Health Professional
Zinc - Zinc en español
Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know
Freq. Asked Questions (FAQ)
How To Evaluate Health Information on the Internet: Questions and Answers
IBIDS Database -- International Bibliographic Information on Dietary Supplements
Collapse Información en españolInformación en español
Resumen de las actividades de la ODS
Suplementos dietéticos: lo que debe saber
Information for Health Professionals
Collapse Nutrient Recommendations and DatabasesNutrient Recommendations and Databases
Daily Values (DVs)
Nutrient Recommendations: DRIs
Other NIH Sites
Other US Government Sites
White House CAM Commission
Information You Can Trust and Disclaimer
Collapse News & EventsNews & Events
Collapse Headline HistoryHeadline History
AAAS Annual Meeting
Autism Workshop
Botanical Research Centers RFA Announced
Conference Summary Available for Recent NIH/ODS Conference on Dietary Supplement Use in the Elderly
CSFII/NHANES Workshop Publications Now Available
Collapse EphedraEphedra
Reducing Ephedra-Related Risks
Headline: Omega-3 AHRQ Reports
Institute of Medicine to Release DRI for Water and Electrolytes
NCI Vitamin D Conference
New Web Site Design
NIST Bitter Orange References
ODS 2004-2009 Strategic Plan: Comments Due July 25
ODS Public Meeting: May 20, 2005
Collapse RFA Announced: Botanical Research Centers Applicant Information MeetingRFA Announced: Botanical Research Centers Applicant Information Meeting
AIM Summary
Small Business Sources Sought: Analytical Method Validation
Upcoming ODS-cosponsored conference: Free Radicals: The Pros and Cons of Antioxidants
Media Contacts
ODS Email List
Collapse ODS NewslettersODS Newsletters
ODS Update - April 2006
ODS Update - Dec 2003
ODS Update - Fall 2014
ODS Update - Fall 2015
ODS Update - Fall 2020
ODS Update - January 2006
ODS Update - January 2009
ODS Update - January 2009 Summary
ODS Update - January 2010
ODS Update - July 2005
ODS Update - July 2006
ODS Update - June 2009
ODS Update - March 2009
ODS Update - March 2009 Summary
ODS Update - March 2010
ODS Update - May 2010
ODS Update - November 2008
ODS Update - November 2008 Summary
ODS Update - November 2009
ODS Update - November 2010
ODS Update - Oct 2003
ODS Update - October 2005
ODS Update - Sep 2003
ODS Update - September 2008
ODS Update - September 2008 Summary
ODS Update - September 2009
ODS Update - September 2009 Summary
ODS Update - September 2010
ODS Update - Spring 2004
ODS Update - Spring 2014
ODS Update - Spring 2015
ODS Update - Spring 2016
ODS Update - Spring 2021
ODS Update - Summer 2013
ODS Update - Summer 2018
ODS Update - Summer 2019
ODS Update - Summer 2020
ODS Update - Winter 2004
ODS Update - Winter 2013
ODS Update - Winter 2014
ODS Update - Winter 2017
ODS Update - Winter 2018
ODS Update - Winter 2019
ODS Update | Fall 2011
ODS Update | Spring 2011
ODS Update | Summer 2012
ODS Update | Winter 2012
Special Supplement - Apr 1, 2011
Special Supplement - Apr 11, 2013
Special Supplement - Apr 18, 2012
Special Supplement - April 11, 2017
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Special Supplement - April 2, 2020
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Special Supplement - August 1, 2018
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Special Supplement - Dec. 2, 2010
Special Supplement - Feb 17, 2011
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Special Supplement - March 12, 2019
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Special Supplement - March 7, 2017
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Special Supplement - May 11, 2020
Special Supplement - May 17, 2012
Special Supplement - May 28, 2019
Special Supplement - May 28, 2020
Special Supplement - May 31, 2018
Special Supplement - November 14, 2019
Special Supplement - November 2, 2015
Special Supplement - November 20, 2018
Special Supplement - November 9, 2017
Special Supplement - Oct 30, 2013
Special Supplement - October 16, 2018
Special Supplement - October 29, 2020
Special Supplement - September 26, 2014
The Scoop - APR 2014
The Scoop - Fall 2016
The Scoop - Fall 2017
The Scoop - Fall 2020
The Scoop - Feb 2011
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The Scoop - JAN 2015
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Collapse ODS Seminars, Conferences, and WorkshopsODS Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops
ADA Antioxidants
ADA Diabetes 2000
ADA Herbal
AMRM Stakeholders' Meeting
Collapse Announcements and News ReleasesAnnouncements and News Releases
Annual Bibliography of Significant Advances in Dietary Supplement Research 1999
Availability of the CARDS Database
Botanical Research Centers Program RFA 2009
DS Education Survey
Element Methodology Workshop 2009
In Memoriam - Stephen E. Straus, M.D.
New Centers for Dietary Supplement Research
New Database of Scientific Literature on Dietary Supplements
New NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Announces First Research Awards
NIH Announces Two Additional Centers for Dietary Supplement Research
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Announces Funding of Dietary Supplements Research Centers
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Announces Research Awards
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Appoints Nutrition Scientist
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Expands Research Support
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Expands Research Support 1997
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements to Examine the Role of Zinc in Health
ODS Announces Listserv
ODS Requests Grant Applications for Research Centers
ODS/NLM Partner to Pilot Dietary Supplement Label Database (DSLD)
Rutgers Travel Awards
Vitamin Methodology Workshop 2008
Collapse Antioxidants 1999Antioxidants 1999
Forum: Antioxidant Strategies (1999)
Collapse Antioxidants with Concurrent Cancer Therapies: To Use or Not to Use? Antioxidants with Concurrent Cancer Therapies: To Use or Not to Use?
Antioxidants with Concurrent Cancer Therapies: Abstracts
Antioxidants with Concurrent Cancer Therapies: Speaker Presentations
Bioavailability Conference
Botanical Centers EB 2007 Workshop Agenda
Botanical Identification and Characterization Course
Carnitine Conference Summary
CHPA Science Panel
Chromium and Diabetes Workshop Summary
CLA Conference Presentations
Congressional Testimony -- Ongoing Research on Dietary Supplements at NIH
Congressional Testimony -- The Mission and Work of the ODS at NIH
Dietary Supplement Use in Children Workshop Summary
Collapse Dietary Supplement Use in the Elderly, January 14-15, 2003Dietary Supplement Use in the Elderly, January 14-15, 2003
Dietary Supplement Use in the Elderly Conference (January 14-15, 2003) Overview
Dietary Supplements in the Elderly Conference (January 14-15, 2003) Sponsors and Partners
Dietary Supplements in the Elderly Conference (January 14-15, 2003) Travel Awardees
Dietary Supplement Use in the USA, FNCE 2005
Dietary Supplement Use in Women -- Conference Publications
Dietary Supplements for Physically Active People
DRI Workshop, March 10-11, 2015
DSID Announcement
EB Minisymposium 2001
Collapse Economic Analysis of Nutrition InterventionsEconomic Analysis of Nutrition Interventions
Economic Analysis of Nutrition Interventions Workshop Agenda
Essential Fatty Acids 2001
Executive Summary, Mitochondrial Disorders Workshop
Experimental Biology 2002 Minisymposium
Mechanistic Studies of Cardiovascular Effects of Botanicals
Micronutrients 1999
Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements, FNCE 2006
Multivitamin/Mineral Supplements 2006 Conference
MVM Conference 2006
NCHS Vitamin D Data Advisory
Collapse Omega-3 2000Omega-3 2000
Omega-3 Abstracts, Sep 2000
Omega-3 Conference
Orofacial Cleft (Folic Acid 1996)
PEP Conference
Results of Multivitamin/Mineral Supplements 2006
Collapse Role of Iron in Alcoholic Liver DiseaseRole of Iron in Alcoholic Liver Disease
Abstracts from Role of Iron in Alcoholic Liver Disease
SAMe Proceedings
Scientifically Speaking: How to Prepare an Effective Talk
Sickle Cell
Soy Protein/Isoflavone Research Scientific Workshop July 2009
Special Issue on Psychoactive Botanical Products
Collapse Stakeholders MeetingStakeholders Meeting
Stakeholders Agenda
SupplySide West 2005 Educational Sessions
The Use and Biology of Energy Drinks Meeting Summary: Current Knowledge and Critical Gaps
The Use and Biology of Energy Drinks: Current Knowledge and Critical Gaps
Travel Awardees, Dietary Supplement Use in Women Conference, January 28-29, 2002
Collapse Vitamin D and Health in the 21st Century: Research Needs and Tools for ResearchersVitamin D and Health in the 21st Century: Research Needs and Tools for Researchers
Proceedings from Vitamin D and Health in the 21st Century
Vitamin D Biomarkers Methods Workshop
Vitamin D Biomarkers Methods Workshop Agenda
Collapse Vitamin D Standardization Program (VDSP) Symposium: Tools to Improve Laboratory MeasurementVitamin D Standardization Program (VDSP) Symposium: Tools to Improve Laboratory Measurement
Vitamin D Standardization Program (VDSP) Symposium: Tools to Improve Laboratory Measurement
Vitamin D Travel Awardees
Collapse Workshop: Future Directions for the CSFII/NHANES Diet Nutrition Survey, June 20-21, 2002Workshop: Future Directions for the CSFII/NHANES Diet Nutrition Survey, June 20-21, 2002
Special Issue on the Integrated CSFII-NHANES Survey
Collapse Zinc ConferenceZinc Conference
Zinc Conference Abstract
Collapse Zinc Workshop AbstractZinc Workshop Abstract
Collapse Zinc SummaryZinc Summary
Session I, Zinc Nutrition
Session II, Zinc in the GI Tract
Session III, Immune System, Antioxidant and Defense Functions of Zinc
Session IV, Zinc and Cellular Mechanisms
Session V, Zinc and the Central Nervous System
Session VI, Zinc and Growth in Specific Disease Entities
Zinc: Future Directions
Collapse Programs & ActivitiesPrograms & Activities
Collapse AMRM Program WebsiteAMRM Program Website
AMRM Analytical Methods
AMRM Associated Organizations and Related Resources
AMRM Evaluation 2006
AMRM Evaluation 2012
AMRM Frequently Asked Questions
AMRM Glossary
AMRM Program Areas
AMRM Program Description
AMRM Program Overview
AMRM Quality Assurance Program
AMRM Reference Materials
AMRM Review 2017
AMRM Training, Education, Outreach
Analytical Methods and Reference Materials Program
AMRM Publications Directory
AMRM Publications Search
Annual Bibliographies
Bioactive Food Components Initiatives
Collapse CARDS Database -- Computer Access to Research on Dietary SupplementsCARDS Database -- Computer Access to Research on Dietary Supplements
CARDS Abbreviations
CARDS Periodic Updates
Dietary Supplement Label Database (DSLD)
Education & Training
Evidence-Based Reviews
Federal Working Group on Dietary Supplements
FY2022 Referral Guidelines: The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) Research Scholars Program
Collapse Iodine InitiativeIodine Initiative
Iodine Roundtable 1
Iodine Roundtable 2
Iodine Roundtable 3
ODS Iodine Initiative Publications and Presentations
Collapse Iron InitiativeIron Initiative
ODS Iron Initiative Publications
Collapse Mary Frances Picciano Dietary Supplement Research PracticumMary Frances Picciano Dietary Supplement Research Practicum
Mary Frances Picciano Dietary Supplement Research Practicum Presentation Videos
Collapse NIH CARBON/Botanical Research Centers Program: Prior AwardsNIH CARBON/Botanical Research Centers Program: Prior Awards
NIH CARBON Program: Arizona Center for Phytomedicine Research (ACPRX): 2000-2005
NIH CARBON Program: Botanical Dietary Supplements for Women's Health: 1999-2020
NIH CARBON Program: Botanical Interaction Studies: 2004-2005, 2010-2015
NIH CARBON Program: Botanical Lipids and Inflammatory Disease Prevention: 2005-2015
NIH CARBON Program: Botanical Supplements Research Center: 2002 - 2010
NIH CARBON Program: Botanicals and Metabolic Resiliency: 2005-2020
NIH CARBON Program: Botanicals Research Center for Age Related Diseases: 2000-2010
NIH CARBON Program: Center for High Content Functional Annotation of Natural Products: 2015-2020
NIH CARBON Program: Center for Natural Products Technologies (CENAPT): 2015-2020
NIH CARBON Program: Dietary Botanicals in the Preservation of Cognitive and Psychological Resilience
NIH CARBON Program: Mechanisms, Dose and Target Tissues: 2010-2015
NIH CARBON Program: Research Center for Botanical Immunomodulators: 2005 - 2010
NIH CARBON Program: UCLA Center for Dietary Supplements Research: 1999-2005
Collapse NIH Consortium for Advancing Research on Botanical and Other Natural Products (CARBON) ProgramNIH Consortium for Advancing Research on Botanical and Other Natural Products (CARBON) Program
Summary of January 2014 Applicant Assistance Webinar
Nutrition and Dietary Supplement Interventions for Inborn Errors of Metabolism (NDSI-IEM)
Population Studies Program
Search Dietary Supplements on PubMed
Trans-NIH Resilience Working Group
Collapse Vitamin D InitiativeVitamin D Initiative
Vitamin D: Moving Toward Evidence-based Decision Making in Primary Care
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Collapse Site PoliciesSite Policies
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