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ODS Co-funding Program

ODS co-funds all types of research including basic, pre-clinical, clinical, translational, behavioral, and epidemiological. As an NIH office, ODS does not have direct granting authority, instead it co-funds in partnership with NIH Institutes and Centers who act as the primary funders. ODS also coordinates and collaborates on funding initiatives with other NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices.

ODS Funding Opportunitiesexternal link disclaimer

ODS participates in funding with many NIH Institutes and may co-fund grants under these announcements.

ODS Co-funded Research Portfolio

A list of dietary supplement grants co-funded by ODS from fiscal year 1996 to the present.

Frequently Asked Questions About ODS Grants & Co-funding

Answers to general questions about ODS co-funding and Administrative Supplements.

Administrative Supplements for Validation Studies of Analytical Methodsexternal link disclaimer

An administrative supplement program to provide funds to certain NIH-supported research projects for optimization and validation studies of new analytical methods.

Product Integrity Information

Valuable resources for investigators, authors, and editors working in the area of natural products research.

Resources for Investigators Submitting Research Grant Applications

Valuable resources for investigators, authors, and editors working in the area of dietary supplement ingredient research.

Botanical Research Centers (CARBON Program) Funding Opportunities

Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs) for components of the 2025-2029  NIH CARBON Program have beem published, with single receipt dates in June and July, 2024.

NIH Grants and Funding Informationexternal link disclaimer

NIH's central resource for grants and funding information.