Consumer Awareness & Protection

Practicum attendees
  • ODS: How To Evaluate Health Information on the Internet: Questions and Answers
    Tips to help you determine whether the health information you find on the Internet is reliable.
  • NCCIH: Know the Science
    Tools to help you understand complex scientific topics that relate to health research, including making sense of scientific journal articles and finding information about complementary health approaches.
  • FDA: Consumer Updates on Dietary Supplementsexternal link disclaimer
    Consumer updates on dietary supplements from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Sign up to receive consumer updates by email.
  • FDA: Supplement Your Knowledgeexternal link disclaimer
    Dietary supplement education initiative from the FDA, including information about the benefits and risk of dietary supplements and how they are regulated.
  • FDA: Safety Alerts & Advisoriesexternal link disclaimer
    Safety warnings from the FDA about specific dietary supplements.
  • FDA: MedWatch external link disclaimer
    MedWatch is an FDA program that provides up-to-date safety information about drugs, biologics, devices, and dietary supplements. To report a serious problem (adverse event), see Report Adverse Events to FDAexternal link disclaimer and the HHS Safety Reporting Portalexternal link disclaimer.
  • FDA: How to Spot Health Fraudexternal link disclaimer
    Tips from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on how to avoid fraudulent or ineffective products.
  • FTC: Dietary Supplementsexternal link disclaimer
    This Federal Trade Commission (FTC) consumer page links to fact sheets, consumer alerts, promotional items, and articles focusing on dietary supplements.
  • FTC: Weight Loss & Fitnessexternal link disclaimer
    This Federal Trade Commission (FTC) consumer protection page links to fact sheets, consumer alerts, and articles on weight loss and fitness products.
  • HHS: The Safety Reporting Portal external link disclaimer
    The Safety Reporting Portal allows manufacturers, healthcare professionals, consumers, and others to report serious problems (adverse events) that they believe may be associated with a dietary supplement, food, drug, or similar product. These reports, along with follow-up investigations, can help to identify important safety concerns.
  • DOD: Operation Supplement Safety (OPSS)external link disclaimer
    Information from the Department of Defense (DoD) on making informed decisions about dietary supplement use.