ODS Director's Message

ODS Update: A Newsletter About Recent Developments in Dietary Supplement Science

Stefan M. Pasiakos, Ph.D.

February 2024

ODS Update: A Newsletter for Health Professionals I am excited to introduce a new monthly newsletter that will raise awareness of significant advances in the scientific field of dietary supplements.

ODS Update: Recent Developments in Dietary Supplement Science will highlight publications that advance our understanding of the role dietary supplements may have in health optimization.

Publications will include studies such as the COcoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study (COSMOS), a randomized clinical trial that evaluated the effects of cocoa extracts and/or a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement on several health outcomes in older adults.

Recently published results from the COSMOS-Clinic subcohort found that daily multivitamin/mineral supplementation for two years significantly improved episodic memory in older adults, but not executive function or attention. In addition, a meta-analysis of the three COSMOS cognitive ancillary studies showed a clear benefit of daily multivitamin/mineral supplementation on global cognition and episodic memory. These findings increase our knowledge of how a multivitamin/mineral supplement can impact cognitive function in older adults.

Our newsletter will also highlight publications that evaluate the use of dietary supplements by the U.S. population and their contributions to nutritional status, publications that address product integrity resources, and more. The inaugural issue and future issues of this new newsletter can be found on the ODS newsletters webpage.

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