ODS Director's Page

Stefan Pasiakos

Stefan M. Pasiakos, Ph.D.

Director, NIH Office of Dietary Supplements

I am excited to introduce the new ODS Director’s Page. I will use this space to highlight ODS accomplishments and its staff and to amplify key announcements from ODS programs. This page will also provide an opportunity to raise awareness of significant advances in the scientific field of dietary supplements and the role they may have in health optimization.

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What's New

Harmonizing the Science of Resilience: Special Issue Spotlights Accomplishments of the Trans‐NIH Resilience Working Group
October 2023

For my first issue, I want to highlight the work of Dr. LaVerne Brown and the ODS Resilience & Health Studies Program. Dr. Brown leads ODS efforts to coordinate scientific approaches to explore the effects of dietary supplements and their constituent ingredients on resilience. more...