Grant Abstract: FASEB Conference on:Nutritional Immunology: Its Role in Health and Disease

Grant Number: 1R13DK079391-01
Project Title: FASEB Conference on:Nutritional Immunology: Its Role in Health and Disease

Abstract: DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Nutritional Immunology: Its Impact on Health and Disease " was selected by FASEB as a 2007 summer conference to beheld in Tucson, AZ , July 28-August 2. The meeting is organized around major diseases to include obesity, diabetes, GI disorders, aging and cancer. The focus will be on the unique fact that these diseases cause malfunction of the immune system which leads to more infections of greater duration, poor wound healing and chronic inflammation that damages tissues and organs. Our first objective will be to better understand the changes in diet, metabolism, gene expression and disease etiology that precipitates these adverse changes in the immune system. The second objective will be to identify ways to use diet, nutritional supplements and/ or immunotherapy to offset these undesirable effects. To accomplish this we are bringing together a diverse group of nutritionists, immunologists, nutritional-immunologists, biochemists and clinicians. In this relaxed, somewhat confined setting there can be an excellent exchange of ideas and expertise that may lead to new treatments. Within this group of scientists, we have included generous numbers of women, minorities and young investigators. Although the health related objectives of this meeting are of paramount importance, this meeting is also vital to strengthening the base of this young field as well as attracting other investigators. We are hoping for an attendance of 120-140 scientists, which is a realistic goal, since there has not been a major national meeting in nutritional immunology since 2003.

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