Grant Abstract: 2023 Cell Biology of Metals Gordon Research Conference and Gordon Research Seminar

Grant Number: 1R13DK137549-01
PI Name: Wilks
Project Title: 2023 Cell Biology of Metals Gordon Research Conference and Gordon Research Seminar

Abstract: The Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) series on the Cell Biology of Metals consistently brings together an exceptional community of new and established research scientists and clinicians to share and discuss the latest cutting edge research in the field of metal homeostasis. As the cornerstone conference in this rapidly evolving field, the biennial Cell Biology of Metals GRC has developed a steadfast following since the inaugural meeting in 2005, consistently attracting between 140-180 attendees. The high-demand to attend this conference led to the initiation of the accompanying GRS in 2017 to provide additional speaking and networking opportunities for graduate and post-doctoral trainees in the field. Gordon Research Conferences are internationally renowned for their cutting edge, high-quality research meetings that showcase new and unpublished research. The goal of the 2023 Cell Biology of Metals program will seek to continue this high standard. The 10th meeting of this preeminent conference series will span a diverse range of scientific interests from genetics, biochemistry, structural biology, and inorganic chemistry, to proteomics, metallomics and bioinformatics, microbial pathogenesis, and clinical translational medicine. Session topics will focus on the acquisition, trafficking, regulation, reactivity and utilization of metals in proteins, cells, tissues, and organisms from microbes to humans, and the role of metals in physiology, disease, and host-pathogen interactions. In addition, the impact of biological metals in the environment and their effect on human health will be discussed. The conference format, including keynote presentations, research talks from junior and senior investigators, selected poster talks, poster sessions, and informal scientific discussions, promotes open communication, effective mentoring, and cross-disciplinary collaborations between established investigators and trainees. The conference strives to include a diverse group of presenters and attendees who bring a wide swath of perspectives and backgrounds to sustain the healthy growth and diversification of this significant and rapidly expanding field. Since metal acquisition and homeostasis strongly impacts human health and disease as well as microbial pathogenesis, the ultimate goal of this conference series is to uncover the pathological mechanisms of dysfunctional metal metabolism in order to foster the development of cutting-edge diagnostic approaches and therapeutic treatments for metal-related diseases and disorders. PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE: The goal of the 2023 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on the Cell Biology of Metals is to bring together an outstanding and diverse community of researchers from chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, physiology and medicine who are applying their expertise in uncovering how cells acquire, traffic and regulate essential metals such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt. Scientific discussions will span a wide array of topics from fundamental questions on metal cofactor assembly and reactivity, to the impact of metals in metabolic and infectious disease, as well as the impact of metals on the environment. The meeting will include keynote presentations, research and poster talks, poster sessions and informal discussions promoting open communication, effective mentoring and cross-disciplinary collaborations that will continue to strengthen and diversify this critical and expanding field of research.

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