Grant Abstract: 600 MHz NMR spectrometer with 1.7mm micro-cryoprobe

Grant Number: 1S10OD032266-01A1
PI Name: Duggan
Project Title: 600 MHz NMR spectrometer with 1.7mm micro-cryoprobe

Abstract: This application requests funding to purchase a new Bruker Avance NEO 600 MHz solution state NMR spectrometer with a 1.7 mm triple resonance micro-cryoprobe and a 60 place sample changer. The instrument will replace a defunct 600 MHz spectrometer that has been used for 15 years to develop and advance research programs in marine natural products discovery and biosynthesis, structural biology, drug design and synthesis, metabolomics, and systems biology. These research programs have discovered new drug leads, revealed new methods of synthesizing complex molecules, and aim to identify markers of human disease, and quantitatively describe life at the cellular level. NMR is essential to these projects and the requested instrument will restore the availability of instrument time. For the mass-limited samples these researchers deal with, a 1.7 mm micro-cryoprobe is essential as no other commercially available probe offers comparable mass-sensitivity. Furthermore, the inclusion of a sample changer with the requested instrument will enable research programs to expand into high throughput omics scale research. PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE: The requested NMR spectrometer will support biomedical researchers searching for new drug-like compounds, and identify markers for early diagnosis of human diseases. Researchers will use this instrument to reveal how complex biological molecules are made, how proteins interact, determine how atoms are connected in newly-uncovered compounds, and measure the amounts of molecules in cells and biological fluids.

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