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Notice: Historical Content
This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current data.

Grant Abstract: Regulation of neonatal immunity by let-7Lin28

Grant Number: 5R01AI110613-03
PI Name: Rudd
Project Title: Regulation of neonatal immunity by let-7Lin28

Abstract: Abstract: DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Based on these studies and our own preliminary data, we believe that the let-7/Lin28b axis serves as a VITD-inducible switch, promoting the development of memory CD8+ T cells when VITD levels are abundant or the generation of effector CD8+ T cells when VITD levels are insufficient. In this supplement, we will apply rigorous analysis of the CD8+ T cell response in neonatal mice raised on different amounts of VITD and test the hypothesis that VITD promotes the generation of memory CD8+ T cells by upregulating expression of let-7, which limits proliferation and terminal differentiation of effector cells. The aims of the grant are as follows:
SA1 Understand how regulation of let-7 by VITD changes the ability of neonatal CD8+ T cells to respond to infection.
SA2 Elucidate the let-7-regulated metabolic programs that are altered by VITD in neonatal CD8+T cells.

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