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Notice: Historical Content
This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current data.

Grant Abstract: Metabolomics signatures underlying diet, lifestyle and gut microbiota for diabetes

Grant Number: 5R01DK119268-02
PI Name: QI
Project Title: Metabolomics signatures underlying diet, lifestyle and gut microbiota for diabetes

Abstract: This project will be the first large-scale study integrating diet, lifestyle and gut microbiota with metabolomics profiles in relation to T2D in US Hispanics of diverse backgrounds. Moreover, the role of dietary supplements has seldom been examined in a population-based cohort such as HCHS-SOL, which features extensive information on usual diet, prescription and over-the-counter medications, other health behaviors (e.g., physical activity, sleep), and clinical and laboratory variables. Most important is the longitudinal design of HCHS-SOL, which will permit us to identify blood metabolites and microbiota patterns that predict future occurrence of T2D. The proposal has the potential to reveal influences of dietary supplements on risk of developing diabetes, through intervening metabolites which will be characterized using state of the art methods. Even if the project does not result in identification of dietary supplements that modify T2D risk, still the results can lead to a better understanding how use of vitamins, minerals, natural products, and botanicals can alter plasma metabolite or gut microbiome patterns. This would be of general value across a range of fields that attempt to isolate the association of blood or stool “omics” profiling with health and disease states

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