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Consumer Healthcare Products Association Annual Dietary Supplements Symposium (CHPA Science Panel)

Consumer Healthcare Products Association
Annual Dietary Supplements Symposium
Sponsored by the Office of Dietary Supplements, NIH
September 28, 2000
Bethesda, MD

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Science Panel Objective:

  • Nationally recognized scientists in vitamins, minerals and botanical research will present the science supporting prudent use of dietary supplements.

Science Panel Agenda, Presentations, and Abstracts

10:45 Introductions
Michael D. Maves, MD, MBA
Update on ODS ProgramsPDF Document
Paul M. Coates, PhD
11:00 NIH Centers for Dietary Supplements Research: BotanicalsPDF Document
David Heber, MD, PhD, FACP, FACN
University of California, Los Angeles
The Role of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements in Elderly PeoplePDF Document
Robert M. Russell, MD
Tufts University
Developing and Using Tolerable Upper Intake Levels for NutrientsPDF Document
Joseph V. Rodricks, PhD, DABT
The Life Sciences Consultancy, LLC