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Essential Fatty Acids 2001

Essential Fatty Acids in Health Maintenance
and Disease Prevention

March 20, 2001

This half-day workshop was held at the USDA Conference Center to discuss essential fatty acids and eicosanoids in the context of "functional foods". The overall goal of the workshop was to strengthen awareness of whether the current average voluntary choices of foods provide a balanced body content of essential fatty acids in the desired proportions. The workshop focused on information needed by nutritionists and dietitians and their students and provided continuing education credits for dietitians by the American Dietetic Association (ADA). It extended beyond the workshop held on March 20, 2000.

Videocasts of the conference presentations are available below:

  1. Welcome by Joe Spence and 2001 Textbook Award by Bill Lands plus "Omega-3 Needs for Pregnant Women & Nursing Mothers" - Norman Salem 
  2. "Essential Fatty Acids in Functional Foods in the USA" - Penny Kris-Etherton 
  3. "Novel Functional Foods to Balance Essential Fatty Acids in the Body" - Jay Whelan 
  4. "USDA Nutrient Database and New Models of Access" - Joanne Holden