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In Memoriam
Stephen E. Straus, M.D.

Stephen E. Straus, M.D. Stephen E. Straus, M.D.

Stephen E. Straus, M.D., 60, the first director of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), died of brain cancer May 14, 2007, at his home in Potomac, Maryland.

Dr. Straus brought a powerful measure of rigorous science into the thinking about how to study CAM interventions. For him, there was one overriding standard—the scientific one. My own working relationship with Dr. Straus was especially rewarding. More than half of the NCCAM portfolio deals with biologic therapies, most of which are dietary supplements, so we always had much to discuss and work on together. He recognized the importance of collaboration and worked closely with other NIH organizations to achieve common goals. Finally, he was a generous, joyful, and brilliant man whose company I thoroughly enjoyed. I shall miss him.

    Paul M. Coates, Ph.D.
    Director, Office of Dietary Supplements
    National Institutes of Health

NIH Press Release: Stephen E. Straus, M.D.