Special Supplement - May 31, 2018

ODS Special Supplement

May 31, 2018

ODS Goes to ASN's Nutrition 2018
For those of you attending the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) meeting in Boston, June 8-12, we have developed a Calendar of Events featuring Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) staff and ODS-supported researchers, projects, and activities.
Included in the calendar is information about these ODS funding opportunities:
  1. Ongoing Funding Opportunity: Administrative Supplements for Research on Dietary Supplements

    ODS provides funding through competitively awarded Administrative Supplements to certain active NIH research awards to support research in which the supplemental funding would investigate the role of dietary supplements and/or their ingredients in health maintenance and disease prevention. Parent awards need not be focused on dietary supplements; this funding opportunity announcement (FOA) may provide support to include dietary supplements within the scope of relevant research projects. Research interests of ODS are not limited to specific health conditions, organ systems, or population groups. ODS supports all types of research, including preclinical, clinical, behavioral, and epidemiological.

    Please note: PA-17-307 will be reissued in FY2019. The next due date is October 15, 2018.

    For additional information contact Cindy Davis at davisci@mail.nih.gov

  2. Administrative Supplements to NIH Awards for Validation Studies of Analytical Methods for Natural Products

    The reproducibility and comparability of dietary supplements research is enhanced by rigorous analytical characterization of experimental materials and the publication of validated analytical methods that accurately and precisely characterize and quantify chemical constituents in ingredients and products. This FOA supports the performance and publication of formal single-laboratory validation studies of quantitative analytical methods. The methods proposed for validation must be used to identify and quantify chemical constituents (i.e., active or marker chemical compounds, adulterants, contaminants) or their metabolites in experimental reagents, raw materials, and/or clinical specimens. Candidate constituents for quantitative method validation studies include (but are not limited to) phytochemicals, nutrients, and potentially deleterious substances such as pesticides and mycotoxins.

    Please note: PA-17-447 will be reissued in FY2019. The next due date is October 15, 2018.

    For additional information contact Adam Kuszak at kuszakaj@mail.nih.gov

  3. Consortium for Advancing Research on Botanicals and Other Natural Products (CARBON.2)

    ODS and National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) seek to further accelerate progress in understanding how complex botanical and other natural products influence human health to acquire the data needed to guide clinical trial design and interpretation. This goal of enhancing progress toward translatable data should be achieved by supporting a range of networked, collaborative, transdisciplinary research centers and projects and the development and dissemination of relevant good research practices and research resources.

    Current CARBON Program: https://ods.od.nih.gov/Research/Dietary_Supplement_Research_Centers.aspx

    New Funding Opportunity Announcements: https://nccih.nih.gov/grants/concepts

    For additional information contact Barbara Sorkin at sorkinb@od.nih.gov


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