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Dietary Supplement Analytical Methods and Reference Materials Program (AMRM)

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Education and Outreach

two scientists looking at a laptopAMRM includes education and training initiatives to improve analytical proficiency skills; quality assurance programs to help improve laboratory performance; and dissemination of information via meeting presentations and journal publications.

NIST Quality Assurance Programs

  • Dietary Supplement Laboratory Quality Assurance Programexternal link disclaimer.

    This program provides participating laboratories with the tools to evaluate their dietary supplement analytical methodologies. Information gained may be used by participating laboratories to demonstrate “appropriateness” of analytical methodology to regulatory agencies and to improve the quality of information associated with dietary supplement products through improved measurement capabilities.

    Over 75 laboratories have participated in over five exercises involving the analysis of dietary supplement components in over 20-blinded samples. Participants measure concentrations of active and/or marker compounds and nutritional and toxic elements in samples distributed by NIST. Information about the program, studies Included in previous exercises, participating laboratories, and upcoming opportunities are available.

  • Vitamin D Metabolites Quality Assurance Programexternal link disclaimer

    Current efforts are focused on the measurement of 25-hydroxyvitamin D2 and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 in selected serum and plasma matrices, and method-appropriate control materials. 

  • Fatty Acids in Human Serum and Plasma Quality Assurance Program (FAQAP)external link disclaimer

    Interlaboratory comparison studies are directed toward the measurement of 24 fatty acids in selected serum and plasma matrices. NIST recommends using Standard Reference Material (SRM) 1950 Metabolites in Human Plasma. 

Botanical Identification and Documentation Resources

The funding of initiatives at AOAC International and at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have resulted in publications on the following topics: