Updates to the CARDS Database

The Computer Access to Research on Dietary Supplements (CARDS) database is periodically updated with dietary supplement related projects funded by the Institutes and Centers of the NIH and other agencies for a particular fiscal year. The following table describes the CARDS database after each successive update.

Fiscal YearDate UpdatedRecords AddedTotal Records
NIH: 20096/201180110,653
NIH: 20083/20108269852
USDA: 200710/20092279026
NIH: 20074/200910398799
USDA: 200611/20082517760
NIH: 2006, USDA: 20051/200813227509
USDA: 20048/20072646187
NIH: 2005, USDA: 200312/200613385923
USDA: 2001-2002, DOD: 1999-2004*4/20065384585
NIH: 20041/20069634047
NIH: 20034/20058603084
USDA: 1999-20001/20054752224
NIH: 200212/20035691749
NIH: 2001 3/20034431180
NIH: 200012/2002363737
NIH: 1999launch374374

* 7 additional records for NIH fiscal years 2000-2002 were also added during this update to complete the dataset for these years